Vacant Property Inspections

Ensuring your property is safe, secure and insured

Remain Insured

Vacant Property Insurance often requires regular inspections

Poseidon provides Vacant Property Inspections for a variety of clients including Pension Funds and Property Management Companies. The value of the UK's commercial property stock reached an all-time high of £871 billion in 2015, with commercial property accounting for £178 billion of UK insurance company and pension fund investments.

Vacant Property Inspections provide a cost effective solution to ward off trespass, property damage and other anti social behaviours, whilst ensuring a property remains secure and unoccupied, whilst recording meter readings and other Client specific measures and requirements. We can even provide temporary alarm systems to further deter unwanted attention or criminal activity.

Visible Deterrent

Uniformed officers and marked vehicles


All our property inspections are recorded using our custom Trident reporting system. Our inspection is GPS tracked and logged, confirming time and attendance.


When carrying out an inspection our officers record and document meter readings, ensuring that you are aware of expenditure and potential costs.


Our team report all maintenance or repair requests to you, we can even arrange local contractors to carry out work, ensuring you have one point of contact.


All Poseidon Safety Management officers are fully uniformed and arrive in marked vehicles, providing a highly visible deterrent to opportunist thieves or vandals.