Totally Wireless 24/7 Visually Verified CCTV Alarm System

The cost effective alternative to a manned guarding solution. Poseidon Safety are proud to offer the RaiderVision System exclusively in Cornwall

The ability to offer a cost effective, viable alternative to manned guarding is often a question we are asked to answer. Poseidon are now able to offer the unique, versatile RaiderVision System.

A totally wireless, battery powered alarm system with CCTV verification.

Totally Wireless

RaiderVision requires no mains power, no PSTN Telephone line, No Wireless Internet. The system operates wirelessly and communicates with the NSI Gold Alarm Receiving Centre via the 2g,3g & 4g Networks.

With average use the battery system in RaiderVision lasts for 12 Months! - Due to the way the system works it reports if and when a battery is running low, when it does we replace the battery free of charge!

Security Response

All RaiderVision systems are responded to by our S.I.A Mobile Response Unit 24/7 providing you with peace of mind that your alarm system is responded to by trained, dedicated response officers.

Visually Verified Activations

RaiderVision is unique in its approach to activations. Each detector unit is equipped with a camera which captures intruders when the system is triggered. These images are transmitted to the Alarm Receiving Centre who verify if the activation is confirmed intruders or an ecological or weather related activation. This reduces the number of false activations and prevents security attending for false alarms.

Cost Effective

RaiderVision is a truly cost effective alternative. Operating 24/7 with a dedicated response offers you a total security solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional manned guarding solutions.

Value Added Addition

RaiderVision is the ideal system to compliment a Guard Deployment allowing them to monitor and secure a larger site with fewer resources. RaiderVision is also ideal for the securing of remote areas of a site that a traditional CCTV or Alarm System would be too costly or physically impossible to install.


RaiderVision is a truly versatile system, capable of being deployed to Construction Projects, Farms, Vacant Property, Scaffolding, Sports Pitches.. The possibilities are endless with the real Swiss Army Knife of Wireless Battery Powered Alarms that is RaiderVision.

To find out more about RaiderVision and how it can change your security plan contact us

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