The Latest From Poseidon Safety Management

New Website

1st July 2018

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website, With this new website brings some new systems helping us streamline recruitment.


5th July 2018

The latest Safeguarding training course has just been completed

Ally Law

5th July 2018

Ally Law is fast becoming a trending name on YouTube. His videos are viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, watching him climb tower cranes and scaffolding throughout the country. But just how is he still able to enter building sites without being detected ?. His videos often feature him "escaping" security in the small hours of the morning, however the now vast majority of his videos show him freely entering construction projects without being detected or challenged. Whilst it is hard to criticize without knowing the full security plan for each site, it is clear that MCP's need to start considering this latest "craze" a major threat to safety on site. 

The World Cup and how people behave

8th July 2018

Football fever is gripping the nation, but what is it about the football that makes people who ordinarily would cause no trouble on a night out become a Door Supervisors worst nightmare?. This weekend we have seen a marked increase in incidents, from men assaulting women to drugs the weekend saw a noticeable spike in unusual incidents in places that rarely have issues. The mixture of our current heat wave, football fever and alcohol are certainly making for an explosive mix.

The SIA and HMRC

13th July 2018

The HMRC and The Security Industry Authority have joined forces to tackle the hidden economy within the Security Industry. Do you know if your security supplier is compliant and is operating legally ?. It is surprising how many people still do not do any due diligence or even ask the question of their security supplier. If your supplier is paying cash you need to be asking some serious questions as to how protected you are.

Christmas Security Cover

21st November 2018

Is your security provider ready for Christmas ?, With the Christmas period fast approaching are you 100% confident that your current supplier is ready for the increase in business. If you require total confidence then call Poseidon Safety Management.


13th July 2019

The SIA’s focus is to promote safer restraint techniques to door supervisors, whilst encouraging them to report violence or abuse that’s directed towards them. The SIA will be sharing posters and leaflets on social media throughout June and July under the hashtag #SaferNightsOut

Estate Security

23rd January 2020

Poseidon have recently been tasked with the protection of an 80 Acre estate that is undergoing redevelopment. The estate has suffered losses due to poaching and theft. Using our RaiderVision system and the deployment of our Dog Section we have successfully enabled the development to continue unhindered by crime.