Event Security and Stewarding

Securing events throughout Cornwall


Dedicated event security and stewarding services

Poseidon understand that safety is paramount at any event and it is our role to ensure that everything operates as it should in a safe and secure environment, allowing you to concentrate on the things that you need to devote yourself to at the busiest of times.

With the diversity of many different events and changes in atmosphere it is vital that the security operative can be versatile and adapt to the crowd and circumstances. When due diligence to your customers is of the highest importance you need to be sure that you can rely on highly trained event stewards and security staff to deliver.

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Pit Teams

Poseidon are able to deploy highly trained, dedicated Pit teams who are specially equipped to deal with busy pit's and the challenges they bring.

Response Teams

Our dedicated and highly trained response officers are the perfect addition to your existing security deployment. Highly skilled and equipped to deal with volatile situations they face.

Dog Section

Poseidon are able to call upon our Dog Section for event specific tasking where the presence of a General Purpose Dog will dramatically reduce crime and violence. Poseidon are also able to deploy narcotics and explosive detection dogs.

Event safety & security specialists

We provide both male and female security guards and stewarding officers for exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, product launches, private parties and many other events; whether they are practiced nationally or internationally. We adhere to every associated practice related to your event, including liaising with licensing agencies, emergency services, planning and training requirements.

We can support any event be it large or small by providing dedicated teams of security officers and stewards together while supporting central management functions.

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Crowd management

As a specialist event safety and security company, Poseidon is 100% focused on delivering the correct strategy for security your event. Form large outdoor concerts and festivals, to charity functions and smaller community events, we pride ourselves in tailoring our service individually to each and every client.

NVQ Level 2 Spectator Safety Qualified

Poseidon Safety Management are capable of deploying NVQ Level 2 Spectator Safety trained and qualified stewards for a variety of public events including Sporting events, carnivals and pride events.